Biochemical laboratory

Beo-lab biochemical laboratory conducts a wide range of analyses from all the fields of modern clinical diagnosis.

Skilled personnel and modern equipment enable patients to promptly obtain their results of the necessary analyses for diagnosis, monitoring the progress of a disease and assessment of the efficiency of applied treatment.

Determining parameters in the field of clinical chemistry and immunochemistry, hematology, coagulation, serology is conducted on the latest generation analyzers of globally renowned manufacturers.

It should be particularly pointed out that Beo-lab biochemical lab has first installed in the private practice fully integrated Architect ci 8200 of the globally renowned manufacturer of Abbott laboratory equipment.

With such sophisticated equipment we are able to conduct analyses promptly and with a high precision and accuracy in all the fields of clinical biochemistry.

In addition to classical analyses for monitoring basic metabolic parameters (glucose, fat, proteins, creatinine, urea, bilirubin, etc.), enzymes (AST, ALT, GGT, ALP, AMY, etc.), electrolytes, trace elements, we should particularly point out innovative and unique analyses in the field of immunochemistry related to hormones, tumor markers and viral serology, as well as those based on specific techniques like mass spectrometry.

Complete blood count, one of the most important routine laboratory tests, is analysed on the high-tech hematology analyzer CD Ruby, Abbott diagnostics.

Good differentiation in the analysis of different elements in the blood is invaluable, because it provides the doctor with a number of clinically relevant information for detecting and monitoring anemia, differentiating anemia, detecting infections, allergies, systematic hematological diseases, detecting hemostasis disorders, monitoring radio and chemotherapy, and for other purposes.

All machines are connected with an information system which enables a high precision and accuracy in work, as well as a high speed in reporting on results.

Analysis are conducted on the primary blood sample, using the bar code, which contributes to the full automation and control of the analytical process and reduces the possibility of an error (human factor) occurrence to a minimum.

The laboratory is certified (SRPS ISO 9001) and accredited (SRPS ISO 15189)..

Highly qualified and professional personnel introduce and improve new diagnostic methods in the laboratory practice to serve your health.


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