Pathology – the way to an accurate diagnosis

Pathology is the study of disease, or in other words, the study of the changes at the cellular level in tissues and organs caused by disease.

Beo-Lab Pathology Laboratory

We are proud to say that we have one of the most modern histopathology laboratories in the region.

The quality of the histopathology laboratory is reflected in the state-of-the-art apparatus for the preparation and processing of tissue samples, which enables accurate diagnostics.

In addition to the modern equipment and original reagents manufactured by reputable global manufacturers, our team of specialist pathologists is equally important. We are delighted to say that our pathology team consists of top experts in the field of histopathological diagnostics.

The human factor is irreplaceable in both the tissue preparation and pathological diagnostics.

Our pathologists are experts with enviable experience (recognised both in the country and abroad) in the areas of pathology that they cover. We currently ave 21 pathologists led by Dr. Vesna Čemerikić, the head of the histopathology laboratory.

Most of our pathologists are narrowly specialised in certain areas of pathology.

What does that mean for you as patients?

For our patients, that means getting a reliable, accurate and prompt histopathological diagnosis.

Histopathological diagnosis is the final, definitive diagnosis. It is therefore of utmost importance that it should be accurate, because it determines the further course of treatment of the patient.

We apply all the modern methods of pathological and histological diagnostics in our laboratory: histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridisation (ISH), fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH), cytogenetic analyses, PCR.

The basic histological analysis of tissue samples (H&E preparation) obtained from endoscopic and incisional biopsies is completed within 24-48 hours, and of tissue samples obtained from surgery and bone marrow biopsies within 48 hours.

If additional analyses are performed (immunohistochemistry, ISH, FISH, cytogenetics), the processing and analysis last somewhat longer, but not longer than 7 days.

We can perform a wide range of additional analyses. Additional analyses are performed if the basic tissue processing does not provide enough information for an accurate diagnosis to be made.

The Beo-Lab histopathology laboratory offers a large number of immunohistochemical analyses (over 300), as well as a large number of molecular analyses (PCR and FISH). Additionally, we create numerous antibody panels which are important for cancer treatment: panels for breast cancer, microsatellite instability, HER2, EGFR, PD-L-1.

Molecular analyses have multiple purposes: accurate diagnostics, disease prognosis, and most importantly, determining further course of treatment with a possibility of using new therapeutic approaches.

Ex tempore. We also offer ex tempore analysis of tissue samples which is performed during surgery.

Ex tempore analysis makes it possible to get information on whether a tissue sample contains benign or malign changes within a short period of only 30 minutes from the moment the sample is received, which determines the course of the surgery in progress.

How do tissue samples / biopsies obtained from surgery get to our laboratory?

The Beo-Lab histopathology laboratory processes specimens from numerous private surgeries and hospitals and the transport are organized by the Beo-Lab laboratory’s domiciliary service. Our domiciliary service is available 7 days a week and it is always ready to provide transport of samples from a desired address to the central laboratory.

Additionally, patients can themselves bring the samples to the laboratory if they want reliable and high-quality processing of their tissue samples, an accurate diagnosis, a revision of the histopathological findings (a second opinion) or additional analyses of their basic findings. The samples that have been processed in our laboratory are filed according to the legislation of the Republic of Serbia and are at the patients’ disposal if they want additional analyses carried out outside of our laboratory.

In that case, the patient takes the sample (from the institution which performed the primary pathological diagnostics) by filling in and signing a check-out form and then submits the sample to our central laboratory.

After the performed diagnostics, the samples are returned to the patient and he/she then takes them back to the institution they were checked out from.

The samples that have been processed in our laboratory are filed according to the legislation of the Republic of Serbia and are at the patients’ disposal if they want additional analyses carried out outside of our laboratory.

The pathologists are available regardless of which country they are in.

The Beo-Lab laboratory has the latest generation digital scanner which enables easy scanning of histological preparations of the processed tissue samples. The scanned preparations are then forwarded (via a special app) directly to the pathologist who is to perform the diagnostics.

That means that the pathologist does not always have to be physically present in our central laboratory in order to give a diagnosis.

This enables easy global networking of the pathologists in the Synevo/Medicover group, as well as consulting with fellow pathologists around the world if needed.

Our scanner represents standard equipment in prestigious laboratories and medical institutions and we are proud to say that we follow global trends in diagnostics.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU to answer all your questions related to laboratory diagnostic services we provide.

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