Test for determination of fecal calprotectine concentration

What is fecal calprotectin?

Fecal calprotectin is a highly reliable biomarker of the digestive tract inflammation. Clinical studies have shown that it is a highly sensitive marker for the differentiation of inflammatory and irritable bowel disease.

Why do a fecal calprotectin test?

Determination of fecal calprotectin concentrations is a non-invasive, reliable and simple method of testing that allows distinguishing functional intestinal disorders (for example an irritable colon) from organic inflammatory bowel diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, ulceration, diverticulitis, polyps, adenomas, malignant tumor, diseases.

Elevated values are found in various organ inflammatory diseases but not in functional.

Is there a way to avoid colonoscopy?

Low values in a large percentage exclude the need to expose the patient to unpleasant invasive procedures (colonoscopy) in order to prove inflammation.

In people with proven inflammatory bowel disease, it is used to evaluate the endoscopic and histological activity, to monitor clinical activity with the prediction of disease aggravation, as well as to assess the effect of therapy.

Is there a special preparation?

  • The test does not require any special preparation
  • The sample should be delivered in a bowl that has a scoop on the inside of the lid (a small amount of stool is sufficient, preferably the first morning)

Consult a physician for interpretation of the results


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