Biochemistry – Biochemical Analyses


Elevated bilirubin levels in adults usually occur when the liver is attacked with hepatitis A, B, C or if there is a blockage in the bile duct with a stone or tumor. Elevated bilirubin levels also occur during prolonged fasting and long-term major physical efforts. Elevated bilirubin levels may also be found with Gilbert’s syndrome and Dubin-Johnson syndrome.


Elevated triglyceride levels associated with elevated cholesterol (especially LDL-cholesterol) represent a risk of accelerated atherosclerosis. Our blood vessels become more atherosclerotic with age and, therefore, it would be good in life if we prevent and not add risk factors (fatty food: cracklings, bacon, pork, offals) which accelerate atherosclerosis.


High creatinine and urea levels are usually a result of reduced kidney function. Reduced glomerular filtration rate points to decreased kidney function which may be a result of various kidney diseases (e.g. glomerulonephritis, renal azotemia, chronic kidney disease), as well as prerenal azotemia.


Enzymes are protein biomolecules found in all body cells. Their presence in cells depends on the metabolic processes occurring in certain tissues and organs, as enzymes are biocatalysts of different metabolic processes in the body. For enzymes to behave as biocatalysts, they require the presence of many vitamins and oligoelements that create enzyme cofactors.


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